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  • CT Switch+


    The CT Switch+ Contact Centre solution brings simplicity, reliability, user friendliness and productivity to your contact centre operation.

    CT Switch+ is an MS Windows based solution that will operate with our own CTS platform as well as with the majority of PABX platforms. All CRM applications can be automated with CT Switch+.

    The key to a successful contact centre solution lies in the ability to integrate with other systems and provide customer specific management information. It also requires a scalable, stable platform that will not run out of speed under high load conditions.

    Key Benefits of CT Switch+

    • Advanced call routing and distribution
    • User-friendly real-time monitoring of queue and agents with drill down capability
    • Detailed historical reports
    • Supports predictive dialling
    • Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with data base integration for self-service applications (Transact IVR)
    • Multimedia queue supported whereby e-mails, fax's and sms's are queued simultaneously to voice calls

    Affordability is achieved by adhering to open standards and non-propriety hardware with a low life cycle costs, design and pricing.

    Download the CT Switch+ Brochure

  • CTS


    CTS is a multi-purpose contact centre switching platform which is cost effective, innovative, versatile and powerful!

    CTS in a new generation soft switch server-based contact centre platform that hosts a plethora of functionality within a single solution. All CT Switch+ software modules run on our CTS platform. You as our customer can select inbound, outbound or mixed contact centre modules and configure them to meet your own requirements.

    Download the CTS Brochure

    Key Benefits of CTS

    • No need for expensive CTI licences on PABX
    • Advanced training functionality with onboard voice recording and agent monitoring with whisper and barge-in options
    • Full contact centre functionality on a single scalable server
    • Can operate in Switch-circuit and VOIP environments
    • No need to replace PABX for legacy environments
    • Full functional scalable architecture for CT Switch+ contact centre software
    • Can integrate with all PABX products with a PRI interface
    • Least Cost Routing (LCR) - CTS routs your traffic as per your business rules to your band width partner of choice
    • Low maintenance and support costs

  • Predictive Dialler


    RealConnect’s CT Predictive Dialler is a highly intelligent predictive dialling solution that dramatically increases calling efficiencies for outbound call centres.

    Predictive dialling keeps track of the call centre activity and uses advanced real-time algorithms to present ‘live’ calls to the agents just as they become available again. Call centre statistics show that campaigns using predictive dialling typically achieve a 100% PLUS increase in talk time per hour compared with that of a conventional Power Dialler driven campaign – agent idle time is cut to a bare minimum.

    Download the Predictive Dialler Brochure

    Key Benefits of CT Predictive Dialler

    Apart from the obvious benefits of less idle time for agents, increased productivity and improved cost efficiency, the RealConnect Predictive Dialler provides you the following:

    • Powerful and flexible dialling options - also performs in Power Dial, Preview Dial or Manual modes
    • Multiple Simultaneous Campaigns
    • Flexible Area code programming
    • Retains full dialler contact result information
    • Highly accurate Call Progress Analysis
    • Constant monitoring of costs criteria
    • Monitoring of system and trunk response levels
    • Provides service level alerts to management
    • Real-time agent activity monitoring
    • Historical reporting
    • Dynamic control of campaign rules and criteria
    • Easily integrates to all open database structures

    A typical set of Predictive Dialler Stats Graphs displayed above shows the total number of dialling attempts made. What is important here is the ratio of Live Calls (shown in green) received by the agent to the number of unsuccessful calls (the rest of the bar) that take place in the background.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


    The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the first contact your Customer or potential Customer has with your company. Are your customers frustrated with being transferred to different departments?

    Key Benefits of IVR

    • Identify your customers by caller ID or with a customer code.
    • Prioritise your customers for different service levels.
    • Allow for overflow, after hours or outage conditions.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is vital in today's day and age. Effective CRM packages ensure your Clients' information is at the tips of your fingers, providing you the means to supply them the best possible service. CT CRM Capture is RealConnect's own fully adaptable CRM package. We also have three third-party packages which are fully integrated with our CT Switch+ contact centre solution.

    CT CRM

    The RealConnect CT CRM enables you to create and manage your insurance campaigns, leads, agents and sales. The system is expandable working well in an inbound, outbound or combination contact centre with few or many agents.

    As one of our satisfied clients commented, “the biggest advantage of the RealConnect solution is its simplicity” which has resulted in Matlotlo “securing 2 new accounts in competition with other bigger call centre companies.” All this without needing an IT Department!!

    Download the CT CRM Brochure

    Key Benefits of CT CRM

    • Users are created with different levels which impact the functions they may or may not use
    • The manager can add new holidays, banks, cities, regions – you do not need to continually contact the developer
    • New leads can easily be imported from an Excel spreadsheet supplied by your clients
    • An agent can NOT skip leads hoping to find better or different clients
    • The RealConnect CRM provides for verifiers to ensure the bank details provided by clients are correct and sales are valid
    • Both system and operational reports are available

    Download the Matlotlo Case Study

    Debt Recovery Solution

    Excalibur is a fully functioning Debt Collection Management System, with legal process functionality. Together with CT Switch+ you have fully integrated dialling (where only telephone numbers in Excalibur can be dialled) and automatic call distribution.

    Emergency Management System

    The WCUMunDM system is a system for capturing incidents and managing disaster situations from a central or distributed control room.

    Depending on the scope of the operation and the required functionality, WCUMunDM can be operated by one or more operators. These operators can be co-located or the operations room functionality can be geographically distributed.

    Download the WCUMunDM System Overview