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  • CT Logger Lite


    For small to medium size companies - handling up to 60 lines.

  • CT Logger


    CT Logger is a comprehensive range of voice recording solutions covering the full needs of businesses, from the small one-man enterprise to large corporations and municipalities. Loggers are available in various configurations with a wide selection of features. These recording solution are one of the more cost-effective logger options in the South African marketplace today.

    In addition CT Logger offers you agent evaluation and screen capture facilities. All the actions on an agent’s screen are captured to video. This is a powerful tool for agent evaluations. You can see what the agent was doing on the screen while listening to their conversation with the client.

    Download the CT Logger Brochure Download the CT Logger Datasheet

    Key Benefits of CT Logger

    • Voice recordings are a great tool for self-evaluation, motivation and training contact centre agents
    • Web based playback so you can listen to voice recordings over the internet
    • Multiple and selective archiving facility
    • All recordings are encrypted and tamper-proof and can only be accessed via playback stations
    • However, if when required recordings can be extracted to a .wav file
    • Free agent evaluation module, with the option of upgrading to a fully integrated package with coaching
    • Recording of screen activities to video

  • Screen Recordings


    The success of any business depends on how well it interacts with its customers. Screen recording is becoming more essential in contact centres, especially where transactional recording is required. Ekisa screen recording is a solution to monitor, record and improve contact centre agents' performance.

    Key Benefits of Screen Recording

    • Monitor & evaluate desktop skills, agent productivity and process adherence
    • Ability to trace errors due to data capturing
    • Filters can be set to more easily find screen recordings
    • Monitor any desktop application including inappropriate surfing

    Cybertech Pro
  • Agent Evaluation


    Cybertech Pro Knowing how your agents perform is vital to any contact centre environment. Two Agent Evaluation options are open to you. CT Agent Evaluation is shipped with CT Logger and provides a basic solution for evaluating agents. QE2 is a fully integrated third-party option which provides full agent evaluation as well as coaching and work force management.

    CT Agent Evaluation

    RealConnect’s CT Agent Evaluation is an entry level option shipped with CT Logger. This add-on feature enables the user to create agent evaluation forms, perform initial evaluations based on recordings of agents, perform re-evaluation of evaluations and extract reports of evaluations. Reports may be used to combine several evaluations over time to obtain progress evaluation.

    Download the Agent Evaluation Brochure

    Key Benefits of CT Agent Evaluation

    • You design your own fully customisable evaluation forms
    • Different types of responses ranging from simple Yes/No responses to free text are available
    • Ability for managers to re-evaluate agents
    • Listen to conversation and watch a screen recording

    Quality Evaluation System (QE2)

    QE2, was developed to meet the increasing demand for fast and effective paper-free appraisal of performance and quality in the contact centre. The QE2 performance analysis solutions have been designed to enable contact centre managers to obtain an intelligent and balanced view of performance based on statistical data from a range of sources. QE2 offers a unified view of quality and call handling performance.

    Download the QE2 Brochure

    Graphical views and reports on individuals and teams provide a useful analysis of how employees and companies perform, objectively identifying training and development needs.

    Key Benefits of QE2

    • Fully integrated with CT Logger
    • User-definable skill sets
    • Appraise agents for their post or campaign
    • Graphical views and reports
    • Assessment frameworks can be edited for each area of a business
    • Setup benchmarks, weighting and standards for each key competency
    • Compare teams performances
    • Training section where input courses being run with costing, key skills, waiting lists, etc